Parables of the Christ Life by Lilias Trotter

Parables of the Christ Life by Lilias Trotter


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Parables of the Cross by Lilias Trotter
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Deeply in touch with God, Lilias Trotter was also deeply in touch with nature and endued with a tremendous gift for drawing spiritual lessons from the natural world. She was also an exquisite artist. All these qualities combine in this classic volume on the Christ life. Like Parables of the Cross, this is a republication of her original work complete with full color renderings of her unusual paintings.

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Lillias Trotter


Parables of the Christ-Life by E. Lilias Trotter is a phenominal summing up of living in, by and through Jesus' Life. Ms. Trotter uses the 'picture' of the seed going into death, with Life the result to convey the Life-giving work of the Cross in and believer. Truly a life changing book.

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