Parables of the Cross by Lilias Trotter

Parables of the Cross by Lilias Trotter


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"Lilias Trotter," says J. G. S. S. Thompson in his Foreword to the 1964 Edition of Parables of the Cross, "was cast in the mold of the Christian mystic, and her Parables of the Cross is a Christian classic. Compared with the writings of Augustine and Boehme, Teresa and John of the Cross, Bunyan and Law, the 'Parables' is a slim volume, but in this realm quantity is insignificant. The qualities which make a book a classic of the soul are certainly complex but they are recognizable, and Parables of the Cross bears the authentic hallmark.

The discerning will notice that the timeless and universal quality of the appeal of the 'Parables' resides in its message, but to insist on this is not to despise the medium used to spell out that message. Lilias Trotter would have smiled whimsically at the modern preoccupation with the problems of communication. What consummate artistic skill she had. Every picture she painted for this book, with words or colors, unfolds Christ's own parable of 'the corn of wheat.' Together, her pictures form a brilliant cameo of Parables of the Cross."

You can read a brief biographical sketch of Lilias Trotter as a sample chapter from They Knew Their God, Book 1, by Edwin and Lillian Harvey


Lillias Trotter


This book is both wonderfully written and illustrated. If anyone ever wanted to see God's Word as He made it, I recommend reading this book. She captures well how God created things to reflect Him, His relation with us, and how we need to be towards Him. Nature is God's witness and Lillias Trotter saw it.

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