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This little book of Keswick Bible Readings is the best treatment of the Book of Joshua that we have found. The New Testament teaching of "life more abundant" is ably expounded from this Old Testament book by one who had evidently entered into an experiential knowledge of those things...

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It was several "small," respectable sins - subtle manifestations of unbelief - that kept the children of Israel out of the promised land. Those same easily hidden sins of murmuring, pride, jealousy, spiritual depression, impatience, and so on, will also keep us out of the spiritual...

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Subtitled "Studies in Genesis, Historic, Prophetic and Experimental," this overview of the first book of the Bible shows that the first words contained in Genesis are enlarged and unfolded in a great many different directions and applications throughout the rest of the Bible, but the words...

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The author offers some great insights on the book of Daniel that you should not miss. His interest in prophecy began when he was a teenager and deepened ever after. The chapters of this book present the results of many years of study. The histories as well as the prophecies are ably dealt with.

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Among the truths this book teaches us is that the innermost knowledge of God is given only when the soul has been stripped of all that may even unknowingly dim its inner vision and keep it preoccupied. Hence the last recorded words of Job are: "I had heard of Thee, but now mine eye seeth...

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The key to the Song of Songs lies in personal experience. For him that is without, and who has not yet entered into the blessed sanctuary fellowship with Christ of which this Song testifies, the sweet strains of the Shulamite are not intended. No one brings with him into the world an ear for...

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