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Sample Chapters

This is a list of sample chapters and selected quotations from the some of the books we sell.

Uncompromising Faith by Greg Gordon

Praise for Uncompromising Faith
Uncompromising Faith: Preface

Uncompromising Faith: Chapter 11: Lessons Learned from the Life of Henry Alline

Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard

Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard: Foreword to First Edition
Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard: Foreword to Second Edition
Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard: Introduction
Mrs. Penn-Lewis: A Memoir by Mary N. Garrard: Selected Quotations

The Anxious Inquirer After Salvation Directed and Encouraged by John Angell James

The Anxious Inquirer: Introduction
The Anxious Inquirer: Chapter 1: Deep Solicitude About Salvation Reasonable and Necessary
The Anxious Inquirer: Chapter 10: Encouragements

Tread Upon the Lion: The Story of Tommie Titcombe

Tread Upon the Lion: Chapter 1: Rain on the Roof

World Missions: Total Spiritual Warfare by L. E. Maxwell

World Missions: Total Spiritual Warfare: Preface
World Missions: Total Spiritual Warfare: Chapter 7: The Cost of Disobedience

Devern Fromke Books:

Life's Ultimate Privilege - Introduction
Life's Ultimate Privilege - Day 2

Ultimate Intention - Introduction
Ultimate Intention - Chapter 2 - The Proper Starting Point

Unto Full Stature - Introduction
Unto Full Stature - Preview: It's Imperative
Unto Full Stature - Preview: The Only Foundation Upon Which to Build Full Stature

Larger Window - God Knows Your Deepest Need
Larger Window - But, There Is God

God on Fire by Fred A. Hartley

Sample Excerpts from God on Fire by Fred A. Hartley

Memoir of David Stoner

Selected Quotations from the Memoir of David Stoner
David Stoner's Last Illness and Death (a selection from Chapter 9)

Anthony Norris Groves: Saint and Pioneer by G. H. Lang

Selected Quotations
The Word of God

The Churches of God by G. H. Lang

Chapter 9: Ministry and Oversight

The Revival We Need by Oswald J. Smith

Chapter 1: The Outpouring of the Spirit
Chapter 5: Conviction

Gipsy Smith: His Life and Work

Gipsy Smith's Conversion Story

The Awakening by Marie Monsen

Sample from The Awakening by Marie Monsen

An Ordered Life

Publisher's Foreword
G. H. Lang's Conversion Story

A Present Help by Marie Monsen

Angel Guardians

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

The Man Who Knocked at Midnight

Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story

Publisher's Preface
Foreword by Janet St. John
Chapter 1: Family Background
Chapter 7: Family Joys and Sorrows
Chapter 20: In the Steps of St. Paul

Harold St. John: A Portrait by His Daughter

Publisher's Foreword
Chapter 1: The Child
Chapter 3: A Workman Approved Unto God
Chapter 11: The Bible Student

Pastoral Letters of Robert Murray McCheyne

Publisher's Foreword
Letter One

The Way of the Cross by J. Gregory Mantle

Publisher's Foreword
Chapter 2: A Mixed Life
Chapter 7: The Inward Cross
Chapter 17: Not I, But Christ

Letters of John Fletcher

Letter to Miss Hatton
Letter to His Congregation

William Carvosso: Autobiography, Journal, Letters

Publisher's Foreword
Editor's Preface
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Kneeling We Triumph, Volume 2

Repudiate Pretense in Prayer
Fill Up the Chinks

The Land and Life of Rest by W. Graham Scroggie

Chapter Two: Entering the Land

They Knew Their God, Volume 1

Samuel Logan Brengle
Lilias Trotter

They Knew Their God, Volume 2

Gerhard Tersteegen
Frances Ridley Havergal

The Obstinate Horse and Other Stories

Marie Monsen - Pirate Ship