The Awakening by Marie Monsen

The Awakening by Marie Monsen


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Revival! It was a long time coming. For twenty long years Marie Monsen prayed for revival in China. She had heard reports of how God’s Spirit was being poured out in abundance in other countries, particularly in nearby Korea; so she began praying for funds to be able to travel there in order to bring back some of the glowing coals to her own mission field. But that was not God’s way. The still, small voice of God seemed to whisper, “What is happening in Korea can happen in China if you will pay the price in prayer.” Marie Monsen took up the challenge and gave her solemn promise: “Then I will pray until I receive.”

The Awakening is Miss Monsen’s own vivid account of the revival that came in answer to prayer.  Leslie Lyall calls her the “pioneer” of the revival movement—the handmaiden upon whom the Spirit was first poured out. He writes: “Her surgical skill in exposing the sins hidden within the Church and lurking behind the smiling exterior of many a trusted Christian—even many a trusted Christian leader—and her quiet insistence on a clear-cut experience of the new birth set the pattern for others to follow.”

The emphasis in these pages is on the place given to prayer both before and during the revival, as well as on the necessity of self-emptying, confession, and repentance in order to make way for the infilling of the Spirit.

One of the best ways to stir ourselves up to pray for revival in our own generation is to read the accounts of past awakenings, such as those found in the pages of this book. Surely God is looking for those in every generation who will solemnly take up the challenge and say, with Marie Monsen, “I will pray until I receive.”

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Marie Monsen


This is an outstanding book. If you have never read about revival you should read it, it is more than challenging. If you have read about revival you should read this one. One learns and understands that we need to be 'empty vessels, not a few' where we can be filled and anointed by the Holy Spirit. It will simplify your understanding of revival and help you to realize that where 'two or more are gathered in His name' all things are possible

Great, concise little book about a time in history 100 years ago in china when things were pretty back then and yet God start a movement that was so spiritual that the effects are still being felt in 2013. We need something like that in America.

I have never had a book so profoundly affect me. Before I was finished with the book, I had repented twice of offenses and made peace with the offended party. I literally was in tears and asking for his forgiveness. This book has been blessed by God, Himself and touched by the Holy Spirit for revival in this country. For those that have a desire in their heart to see this country swept by The Spirit of God, this book is one that you need.

An excellent book about the reality of true biblical regeneration.

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