A Home for Virginia by Patricia St. John



When an old miner is left with the job of bringing up the newborn Virginia he doesnt realise that it will change his life forever. As he cleans the dust and cobwebs away for the new arrival, we see that is also what the Holy Spirit does in our lives. He starts a work in our hearts and our lives... More 

A Young Persons Guide to Knowing God by Patricia St. John



God... Who is He? What does He do? How does a person get to know God these days? Do you just sit around waiting for Him to pop in? Where does He hang out? Do you have to go out and find Him in church or other 'God' places like that? It would help if He told you a bit about Himself - perhaps even... More 

I Needed a Neighbour by Patricia St. John



The refugee camp is crowded with sick and starving people. Two new arrivals, a teenage girl, Mehrit, carrying her little brother on her back, wait their turn patiently. What will happen to them? Will they ever find their parents again? A strong and moving story of a family in a famine-stricken... More 

Life Everlasting by Patricia St. John


$11.99   $10.99

Formerly published as A Missionary Muses on the Creed Patricia St. John was not a typical girl from her earliest days in her life was different to say the least! She was almost born in a storm in Biscay. Her Father decided to change his job - and so the whole family left for Switzerland.... More 

Missing the Way by Patricia St. John



It was several "small," respectable sins - subtle manifestations of unbelief - that kept the children of Israel out of the promised land. Those same easily hidden sins of murmuring, pride, jealousy, spiritual depression, impatience, and so on, will also keep us out of the spiritual rest that is... More 

Nothing Else Matters by Patricia St. John



A powerful and moving story based on real events in the Lebanese civil war in the 1980’s. Lamia and her family are caught up in the fighting, with tragic consequences. Lamia struggles with the hatred that threatens to destroy her, until she grasps that forgiveness and love are the most... More 

Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story


$11.95   $8.95

Formerly published in the United States with the title: An Ordinary Woman's Extraordinary Faith Anyone who has read Patricia St. John's books already knows how her stories come alive, and this account of her own life is no exception. Her powers of description make the story leap from the... More 

Patricia St. John: The Story Behind the Stories by Irene Howat


$6.99   $5.99

Patricia St. John's life is a story in itself but she grew up to become one of the world's best-loved Christian writers for children. After almost being born in the middle of a storm on the Bay of Biscay it was no surprise to see Patricia's life take twists and turns along the way. She had an... More 

Prayer is an Adventure by Patricia St. John



Come on an adventure - it's called prayer. Build your friendship with God and with Him beside you discover how amazing life can be with the all knowing, all powerful, almighty God as your guide. Do you want to know more about God and how to please Him? Do you want to learn about how to pray and... More 

Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John



This captivating little book is yet another example of the ease with which Patricia St. John mixes thrilling adventure with classic Christian truth. When we first encounter Elaine, she is a selfish, spoiled, stuck-up city girl who is unable to grasp that happiness can come from anything but... More 

Star of Light by Patricia St. John



Hamid does not want his little blind sister, Kinza, to be sold to a beggar, by their stepfather, so he decides to rescue her. Together they escape from their mountain village to a town where there may be a new home for Kinza. But this is only the start of their adventures. Will Kinza be safe?... More 

The Safe Place by Patricia St. John



The farm is on fire and there is very little that the farmer or his family can do. The children watch as the barn is engulfed in flames. Thankfully the fire engine arrives in time to save the house and slowly but surely the family tries to get back to normal. But when the farmer is going over... More