Samuel Logan Brengle

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Samuel Logan Brengle's Heart Talks on Holiness was written as a successor to Helps to Holiness and abounds with the same practical insights on holy living as the former volume. The book addresses ordinary Christians in simple, plain language, with the definite goal of helping them experience...

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This is without doubt the best known and most loved of Samuel Logan Brengle's eight books. The simplicity, straightforwardness and clarity with which the book deals with the subject of holiness and holy living have caused it to be a blessing to generations of Christians. "If I could," wrote...

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Thirteen chapters on the way of holiness by Samuel Logan Brengle, author of Helps to Holiness and Heart Talks on Holiness. This book was written with the purpose of helping readers understand what holiness is, why we should be holy, how to remain holy, etc.