Whitelist Emails


Q. When will my order be shipped?
A. Every effort is made to ship your order within 24-48 hours of being placed on our store, except for holidays and weekends. This means that if, for example, your order is placed anytime on Monday, it will more than likely be shipped out on Tuesday, and for sure by Wednesday. If we find that this is not possible for some reason, we will notify you by email that there has been a delay. If you need your order in a hurry, call us before placing the order just to make sure everything is in place for us to rush it out.

Q. What shipping methods do you offer?
We offer common shipping methods through the US Postal Service and UPS. When proceeding through the checkout, you will be presented with various options to choose from; these options vary in price and delivery times. Choose the option that suits you best.

Q. Do you ship overseas?
A. Yes, we ship to most international destinations. However, if there are no shipping options available to you during checkout, that may mean that we do not ship to your country. You can always contact us to find out for sure.

Safe Shopping

Q. Is your online store safe?
A. Yes. First of all, we never store any of your credit card details on our server. All credit card processing happens on our payment processor's servers, not ours, and all details passed from our server to theirs are encrypted using world class SSL encryption technology.

Furthermore, in keeping with industry standards and recommendations, our entire site is encrypted--meaning that all of the data passing to and from your computer to our server is encrypted and cannot be seen by any third party.

If you have further security concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us using the details on our contact page.

Ordering/Checkout Process

Q. Do I have to register/set up an account with your site to place an order?
A. No, you are not required to register and set up an account with our site. You may place your order as a guest. When you get to the checkout page, just click the "Checkout as Guest" button. The advantage of setting up an account is that for repeat orders you don't need to enter your information again, and you will have access to your order history. Please be aware, though, that WE DO NOT STORE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION. Your credit card details are passed from our site to our payment process over a 256-bit secure connection and cannot be read by any third party. Your credit card number will NEVER be stored on our site.

Q. Why do you need my phone number?
The ONLY reason we need your phone number is so that we can contact you if there is a problem with the order and we cannot reach you by email. We do not use your phone number for any other purpose.

Manuscript/Book Submission

Q. Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts from new or published authors?
A. We constantly receive emails and phone calls from writers wishing us to review their material for publication. Unfortunately, as a small publisher with a limited budget and resources, we cannot at this time consider unsolicited manuscripts. Most of the material that we publish has already been in print before, and therefore we already know that a market for it exists. Material that has not been published before is always from someone known by us. If we had a larger budget and greater resources, we might be in a position to at least consider your manuscript. But for now, anyway, we are not able to do so.

Q. Will you distribute my published book?
A. We often receive requests from published authors and others wishing to have their books distributed. Our answer is that we would be happy to consider your book if you send us a review copy, but we CANNOT guarantee that we will stock it. Over 90% of materials sent to us for distribution are not accepted. Review copies will not be returned. Also, 90% of our sales occur over the internet, so if you are looking to get your book into brick and mortar bookstores, you will need to look elsewhere.