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Devern FromkeDeVern Fromke has written a number of books that have come to be regarded as spiritual classics in many quarters. Kingsley Press is pleased to make Mr. Fromke's books available through its online bookstore.

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A major emphasis and theme running through Mr. Fromke's books is his desire to present truth from a God-centered viewpoint. Too often the truths of God's Word are being presented by the church of today from a man-centered approach. Mr. Fromke seeks to restore balance and bring the church back to viewing everything from God's perspective--not ours.

DeVern Fromke's books will stir your mind and heart to reflect on God's "ultimate"-- a word he uses in two of his book titles: Ultimate Intention and Life's Ultimate Privilege (it's also implied in another title: Unto Full Stature). The title of yet another book, Stories that Open God's Larger Window, also suggests that some of us are too narrow and straitened in our spiritual viewpoint.

So often we get caught up with the here and now, and fail to grasp the long reach of God's ultimate purpose in the creation of man.

Spiritual growth and maturity in Christ is often hindered by wrong teaching and emphasis in today's ministry. This author desires to use his influence to help correct misunderstanding and wrong-centered teaching, in order that the child of God may grow and mature in the way God intended.

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DeVern Fromke has traveled for more than 50 years as a teacher at large in the body of Christ. Along with his wife, Juanita, he has ministered in Brazil, New Zealand, Europe and Japan, sharing this God-centered message. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University he worked with Youth for Christ, then taught in several high schools and served as headmaster of Heritage Christian. Now president of Sure Foundation Publishers, and Ministry of Life literature outreach, he continues his writing from his home in Indianapolis. Several years ago Bro. Fromke's first wife passed away, and he is now happily married to Ruth. Go to our Devern Fromke Books page to see a listing of all books by this author.