All Things New by Jessie Penn-Lewis



This book is a combination of two books. All Things New shows how every aspect of the Christian's life relates to the cross of Christ, and that this severing power is also a renewing power. Much Fruit is an exposition of Jesus' story about a grain of wheat. More 

Dying to Live by Jessie Penn-Lewis


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Dying to Live has four short chapters of contrasting style dealing with the relationship of Christ's death to the life of the Christian believer.The Christian who affirms "I have been crucified with Christ" has found the way that brings: Freedom from sin and self Transformation to his... More 

Face to Face by Jessie Penn-Lewis



There is a "face-to-face" fellowship with God where we "inquire of the Lord" as David did and get our answer; where we have such communion with Him that He is able to reveal His mind to us, and where we intelligently know and enter into the purposes of our God. More 

Fruitful Living by Jessie Penn-Lewis



Only through testings can we enter into deep and full life in God. We can only know our God and His abundant grace as He brings us through circumstances that a a "good deal beyond the possible point." Here are three helpful books in one: Abandonment to the Spirit (notes on the book of... More 

Hints for Workers by Jessie Penn-Lewis



A small booklet composed of four sections: Hints for Workers, Hints on Guidance, Hints about the Mind and Verses for Workers.

Life in the Spirit by Jessie Penn-Lewis



The book is subtitled: "Principles of Victory from the Book of Ephesians." The author contends that Christians do not understand spiritual conflict in the Lord's service because they do not know how to live in the Spirit. More 

Life Out of Death by Jessie Penn-Lewis


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Those Christians prepared to abandon self to God will find invaluable help from these chapters, which are mainly lessons distilled from the writings of Madame Guyon and Prof. Upham. In her distinctive style, Jessie Penn-Lewis clarifies so many aspects of the subjective work of the Holy Spirit in... More 

Molded By the Cross by J. C. Metcalfe


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This biography of Jessie Penn-Lewis is smaller than the original one by Mary Garrard. The author, J. C. Metcalfe, states that the purpose of this spiritual biography is to give her modern day readers, who know little about her, a picture of the way God dealt with and poured life through His... More 

Power for Service by Jessie Penn-Lewis



May every believer be willing to be led by the Spirit of God into the fullest surrender to His will, that no cost may be counted too dear to perpetually lay hold of such an enduement of power as will have its outlet in a life of maintained victory and a perpetual warfare on sin and Satan, for... More 

Prayer and Evangelism by Jessie Penn-Lewis


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God wants intercessors. The greatest blessing God could give His church today would be a few souls who pray as Elijah prayed; a few intercessors who know His will, and seek and pray for nothing else. May God raise them up. More 

Spiritual Warfare by Jessie Penn-Lewis



In Jessie Penn-Lewis, we hear the voice of a veteran in the everyday conflict with "powers and principalities." Her remarkable insights on prayer warfare are thoroughly Biblical and intensely practical. By applying the principles of spiritual battle to the common issues of personal prayer and... More 

The Awakening in Wales by Jessie Penn-Lewis


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Readers of this volume will be profoundly grateful to Jessie Penn-Lewis for her clear and unvarnished record of the facts concerning the remarkable outpouring of God's Spirit in Wales at the time of the 1903-1905 revival, and the central place given to the cross of Christ in that Divine... More