A Pot of Oil by G. D. Watson



Seventeen helpful chapters on various subjects from the pen of one whose mind was enlightened by the Holy Ghost and whose heart was ablaze with the love of God. A few chapter headings are: "Vessels of Prayer," "True and False Fire," "A Spiritual Will," "Signs of Progress," "Tried by the Lord." More 

George D. Watson: Fearless for Truth by Eva M. Watson


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George D. Watson was on of the most influential preachers of the late nineteenth century holiness movement in America. Together with his friends and colleagues, Martin Wells Knapp and W. B. Godbey, he was used by the Holy Spirit to sustain and propagate the revival of Methodism which swept... More 

God's Eagles by G. D. Watson


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God's Eagles

God's First Words by G. D. Watson


$9.95   $8.95

Subtitled "Studies in Genesis, Historic, Prophetic and Experimental," this overview of the first book of the Bible shows that the first words contained in Genesis are enlarged and unfolded in a great many different directions and applications throughout the rest of the Bible, but the words... More 

Love Abounding by G. D. Watson


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This 253 page book is a collection of expositions on the spiritual life from the able pen of G. D. Watson, who has been called "The Apostle to the Sanctified."  More 

Our Own God by G. D. Watson



A most inspiring work dealing with the character of God in such a way as to make one long to know Him more intimately, to love Him more ardently, and to serve Him more unreservedly. The opening statement, "God is our nearest relative," sums up the spirit breathed through this spiritual classic.... More 

Pure Gold by G. D. Watson



The title for this book is taken from the first chapter. The subjects dealt with in the other 19 chapters are unrelated, but each is full of the spiritual wisdom and inspiration so characteristic of Watson's spiritual writings. Some chapter titles are: "How to Die to Self," "Learning Spiritual... More 

Soul Food by G. D. Watson



The writings of G. D. Watson continue to bring enlightenment and spiritual help to Christians from all walks of life. Each chapter of Soul Food brings instruction and inspiration on a particular truth. The subjects covered are wide ranging, as can be seen from the following selection of chapter... More 

Tribulation Worketh by G. D. Watson



Tribulation Worketh is a collection of chapters from the writings of G. D. Watson explaining God's loving and purposeful chastening in the lives of His choicest saints. This is an important book for the present day, when the unscriptural concept that the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings success,... More 

White Robes by G. D. Watson



Read the pages of this book with an open heart and a teachable spirit; spiritual enlightenment, enrichment and challenge are guaranteed! Many of the chapters are short--perhaps two or three pages--making it equally as beneficial to those who have little time as to those who have more. A few... More