New Release: Living in Kingdom Come by Vance Havner

 Jun 30, 2017    New Products

Living in Kingdom Come by Vance Havner

Kingsley Press is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its newest publication: Living in Kingdom Come by Vance Havner. As with all other books from Havner's pen, Living in Kingdom Come is full of timeless truth and spiritual direction for pilgrims on their way to the heavenly city. In a chapter entitled “Living in Kingdom Come,” from which the book gets its name, he writes:

The Christian moves through the kingdom of this world as a citizen of the kingdom of God. He is not a citizen of earth trying to get to heaven, but a citizen of heaven making his way through this world. He belongs to what Peter calls “an holy nation” (1 Peter 2:9), the only Christian nation on earth, a nation within the nations. He sees everything in the light of Kingdom Come and the kingdom coming. News reports mean something entirely different from what they mean to the man of this world. Issues that excite other people leave him undisturbed. He knows there will be world peace only when the Prince of Peace returns. Projects and reforms by which unregenerate men try to legislate a better world into being mean little to him. He does not ride every bandwagon headed for the Promised Land. He pays his taxes, prays for those in authority, and favors whatever makes for as much peace and order as possible; but he does everything in the light of Kingdom Come and kingdom coming. He is a puzzle to this world; he seems detached from it and is a stranger to it.

We consider it an honor to be able to make these timeless writings available once again to God's people. Get your copy today. And get one for a friend. You won't regret it!


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