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Amy Carmichael

Books by Amy Carmichael available from Kingsley Press

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Do you feel broken and cold? Does life feel like a struggle? Don’t let your present reality dictate your trust and joy. Look around you and see that there’s hope! Based on spiritual truths taken from black-and-white nature photographs, Figures of the True is designed to encourage those...

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In this volume are sensitive lessons from a walk with pain. Like Rose from Brier, it has not been written by the well for the ill, but by a fellow-toad under the harrow. "The toad beneath the harrow knows exactly where each tooth-point goes." However, Gold by Moonlight is not for the ill...

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A little book about Calvary love in common life. Based on 1st Corinthians 13. Over 100,000 in print.

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Recounts the shaping of an Indian nurse. No work that is set on following the Crucified escapes the cross. Those who do not weaken on some point of loyalty to Truth find themselves bearing the reproach of Christ.

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A selection of poetry and prose from the writings of Amy Carmichael, prefaced by a reminiscence of this remarkable woman who all her life learned of God and shared this with others. An excellent anthology to introduce readers to Amy Carmichael and her writings.

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The Collected Poems of Amy Carmichael. A 466-page anthology of the spirit-enriching poetry of Amy Carmichael. 566 poems gathered from 29 of her books, many now out of print, and arranged under 7 topical headings: Worship, Petition, Surrender, Ministry, Wartime, Encouragement, Youth. Sources...

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Amy Carmichael, admired writer and missionary, tells the story of Arulai Tara (Star of Grace), the sister of Mimosa. Arulai was given a notebook during a great illness and told to write what you can of the coming of the call of the unseen Spring. This book reveals the importance of preparing...

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As Amy Carmichael travels about southern India at the turn of the twentieth century, her deepest desire is to share Jesus’ love with the local people. She has traded her Irish clothing for a cheap Indian sari, gathered together a small group of women, and laid aside all plans for marriage...

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A collection of 92 poems from Amy Carmichael, founder of the Donhavur Fellowship. This collection of songs is an offering of praise by the lover to her Beloved. "We cannot bring Thee praise like golden noon-light shining on earth's green floor; our song is more like silver of the...

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Contains a selection of 366 daily devotional readings culled from Amy Carmichael's previously unpublished letters and writings. Each is based on a verse or short passage of Scripture.