An Ordered Life by G. H. Lang



G. H. Lang was a remarkable Bible teacher, preacher and writer of a past generation who should not be forgotten by today’s Christians. He inherited the spiritual “mantle” of such giants in the faith as George Müller, Anthony Norris Groves and other notable saints among the... More 

Anthony Norris Groves: Saint and Pioneer by G. H. Lang


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Although his name is little known in Christian cirlces today, Anthony Norris Groves (1795-1853) was, according to the writer of this book, one of the most influential men of the nineteenth century. He was what might be termed a spiritual pioneer, forging a path through unfamiliar territory in... More 

Atoning Blood by G. H. Lang



Atoning Blood: What it does and what it does not do. An exposition of the truth of Atonement as taught in Holy Scripture. This is a great little book if you want a better understanding of atoning blood as taught in Scripture. G. H. Lang's masterly treatment is thorough but succinct, a real eye... More 

Balanced Christianity by G. H. Lang



In this short, shirt-pocket sized booklet, the author shows the need for what he calls balanced Christianity--that which gives sufficient attention to both the objective facts of the redemption purchased by Christ on the cross as well as the subjective apprehension and application of those facts into the daily life of the believer.

Coming Events by G. H. Lang



This short book gives an outline of Bible prophecy. G. H. Lang was a prolific writer on prophetic themes. Those wanting more in-depth material will want to look at his books on Daniel and Revelation, but this short booklet gives an overview. Copies Scripture references are given in proof of his... More 

Divine Guidance by G. H. Lang



The author's life was one of continual guidance by the hand of God; indeed, he titled his autobiography, An Ordered Life. He also studied the subject of God's guidance in the Scriptures and in the lives of His people. This short study of God's guiding hand in the lives of His children is worth... More 

Firstborn Sons by G. H. Lang



Is it worth while to follow Christ? Does not being His disciple involve so great loss and so much persecution and other trouble as to cause reasonable men to ask if it is worth while? Did He not Himself say to His disciples, In the world ye have tribulation? and is it not written all that would... More 

Firstfruits and Harvest by G. H. Lang


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A study in resurrection and rapture. Read about the period of the parousia, the pre-tribulation rapture, the judgment seat of Christ. G. H. Lang's insights into these momentous topics will definitely set you thinking. More 

God's Plan by G. H. Lang



This short, shirt-pocket size booklet gives a very brief overview of God's plan for his children and also the suffering that leads to glory. The full title is: God's Plan, Christ's Suffering and the Spirit's Power. More 

Hebrews by G. H. Lang


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The author says, "This book has been written with the hope that it may help the general reader to grasp the arguments of the Epistle and to feel their force. " Overall this is an excellent commentary for the average person. Those seeking more scholarly works will turn to Alford, Delitzsch,... More 

Israel's National Future by G. H. Lang



The author examines the Scriptures to attempt to answer the question as to whether Israel has a national future.

Pictures and Parables by G. H. Lang


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Here you will find a masterpiece on the pictures and parables found in the Bible (mostly the New Testament). If you want to delve a little deeper, uncover hidden meaning, and study the pictures and parables in their proper setting and context, this book will help you immensely toward that goal.... More