Asking Father by Harvey and Tait



A series of short, factual stories which inspire children to approach their Heavenly Father with confidence, knowing that He will honor their prayers. Parents enjoy reading this book as much as their children. It is also an excellent source of material for Sunday Schools. More 

Covetousness by Lillian G. Harvey



Subtitled: The Sin Very Few Ever Confess This heinous sin, condemned throughout the Bible, tends to escape our condemnation. It has enslaved many who would shrink with horror from grosser sins. Christian writers from John Chrysostom to John Wesley, from George Muller to Marcus Dods, join... More 

Frustration (Call Back Series) by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Knowing that you are not alone in your trial greatly helps you to endure and conquer. Extreme frustration in the Christian life resulting from experiences of betrayal, rejection, and failure are related so as to help and encourage others to face their ordeal. John Wesley, William Carey, A. B.... More 

Handicaps Volume 1 (Call Back Series) by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



This book relates the triumphs of those who allowed God to redirect their talents through physical deformities, blindness, deafness, through crushing sorrow from multiple bereavements, incompatible partners in life and business, or through poverty or social ostracism! More 

Handicaps Volume 2 (Call Back Series) by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



A companion to the above, this volume relates the triumphs of such people as Fanny Crosby, John Milton, Helen Keller, Longfellow, Tennyson, and Robert Louis Stevenson More 

How They Prayed Vol. 1 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



This book is a plea for a return of prayer and worship in the home, citing many examples of how praying family members have prevailed with God for their loved ones. Read of parents who prayed for their children, children who prayed for their parents, wives and husbands who prayed for their... More 

How They Prayed Vol. 2 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



The first three chapters of this book contain testimonies from various Christians on the benefits of early morning rising for prayer and Bible study. The remaining chapters reveal the emphasis given to prayer in the lives of ministers and preachers from differing denominational backgrounds and... More 

How They Prayed Vol. 3 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Read the touching story of Lily Roberts, a missionary in the Congo, who prayed, "Lord, my life for revival," and how God took her at her word. Discover how largely prayer figured in the revival of 1857 and others. Gain an insight into the prayer-lives of various missionaries. All in this book! More 

Illness (Call Back Series) by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Some of God's choicest saints of the past reveal the grace of God which enabled them to suffer illnesses, afflictions, and nervous complaints triumphantly. Edward Payson, Catherine Booth, George Muller, C.H. Spurgeon, and Frances Havergal are just a sample of those quoted. More 

Kneeling We Triumph Vol. 1 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



A compilation of sixty two-page readings on prayer. Titles include: "Authority to Take," "Prayers that Outlive an Age," "For the Asking." This book was close to the top of the late Leonard Ravenhill's list of recommended books! Great book to use in personal devotions or to kick off a prayer... More 

Kneeling We Triumph Vol. 2 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Companion to Volume 1. A few titles are: "Prayer Power," "Answers That Cost," "Waiting a Proof of Our Faith," "When Prayer is a Cry." These two books have been widely used to stir many Christians to the tremendous power and privilege associated with prayer. This second volume contains a... More 

Loneliness (Call Back Series) by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Missionaries and other Christians call back in these 25 chapters to tell how their experience in loneliness achieved God-planned results. The loneliness of the orphan, of those misunderstood or maligned, of the unmarried or bereaved; all these and other forms of loneliness are graphically... More