A Guide to True Peace


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The writers were considered dangerous—heretics even. They were imprisoned—banished—exiled. Their crime? They were teaching that Christians could experience inner communion with God through something they called “inward prayer.” Later their writings would be read and... More 

A Pot of Oil by G. D. Watson



Seventeen helpful chapters on various subjects from the pen of one whose mind was enlightened by the Holy Ghost and whose heart was ablaze with the love of God. A few chapter headings are: "Vessels of Prayer," "True and False Fire," "A Spiritual Will," "Signs of Progress," "Tried by the Lord." More 

Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray


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Written in preparation for an evangelistic campaign in London, the messages in Absolute Surrender will challenge you to wholly yield your life to the Lord. God longs to fill you with the indwelling power of His Holy Spirit. What's keeping you from giving Him complete control? Murray notes,... More 

Beyond the Edge: 100 Stories of Trusting God


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Experience the joy of sharing the Gospel with people who are hearing it for the first time. Be amazed at the miraculous move of God in His people's lives. Weep over the martyrdom of missionaries for the cause of Christ. This collection of one hundred stories from the past and present of WEC... More 

Gems of Robert Murray McCheyne


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Originally Titled Gems: Or, The Best Thoughts of Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne, selected an arranged by Rev. A. S. Patton. Robert Murray McCheyne, a 19th century Scottish minister had a way with language that made him a wonderful and warm preacher of the gospel. These gems are just that:... More 

Gerhard Tersteegen's Sermons and Hymns



Gerhard Tersteegen was a German contemporary of John Wesley. He wished for a secluded life, but crowds besieged his dwelling place, eager to feast on the words of wisdom that fell from the lips of one who had been closeted with his Maker. Everywhere he went, crowds gathered by wayside, in barns,... More 

God's Pursuit of Man by A. W. Tozer


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Formerly Published as The Divine Conquest Although written two years after the publication of The Pursuit of God, A. W. Tozer's God's Pursuit of Man sets forth the biblical truth that before man can pursue God, God must first pursue man. A prequel of sorts, God's Pursuit of Man speaks... More 

Israel: A Prince with God by F. B. Meyer


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F. B. Meyer's re-telling of the life of Jacob is an exciting and rewarding read. You will gain many helpful insights and spiritual lessons as you read and digest these pages written by a master of the spiritual life. Meyer doesn't gloss over the faults and failings of this Old Testament... More 

Life Everlasting by Patricia St. John


$11.99   $10.99

Formerly published as A Missionary Muses on the Creed Patricia St. John was not a typical girl from her earliest days in her life was different to say the least! She was almost born in a storm in Biscay. Her Father decided to change his job - and so the whole family left for Switzerland.... More 

Living the Christ Life by Rebecca English


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A Collection of Daily Readings by Classic Deeper-Life Authors If you’re serious about Christian growth, you've probably noticed how difficult it is to lead a consistently holy life and also affect the world for the kingdom of God. Yet God calls us to be like Christ and to lead others... More 

Parables of the Christ Life by Lilias Trotter


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Deeply in touch with God, Lilias Trotter was also deeply in touch with nature and endued with a tremendous gift for drawing spiritual lessons from the natural world. She was also an exquisite artist. All these qualities combine in this classic volume on the Christ life. Like Parables of the... More 

Parables of the Cross by Lilias Trotter


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"Lilias Trotter," says J. G. S. S. Thompson in his Foreword to the 1964 Edition of Parables of the Cross, "was cast in the mold of the Christian mystic, and her Parables of the Cross is a Christian classic. Compared with the writings of Augustine and Boehme, Teresa and John of the Cross,... More