A Guide to True Peace


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The writers were considered dangerous—heretics even. They were imprisoned—banished—exiled. Their crime? They were teaching that Christians could experience inner communion with God through something they called “inward prayer.” Later their writings would be read and... More 

A Passion for Prayer by Tom Elliff


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Of all the disciplines of the Christian life, prayer is perhaps the most neglected. Yet Jesus’ brief earthly life was permeated with it. If our Lord made prayer such a priority in word and deed, shouldn’t we? A Passion for Prayer seeks to help you develop—or deepen—your... More 

Helps to Intercession by Andrew Murray


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Looking for a way to jump-start your prayer life? You can't do better than this one-month prayer journal by Andrew Murray, a well-known prayer warrior. In a learn-by-doing structure, Murray presents 31 days of suggested topics to pray for, along with a short "How to Pray" teaching. Additional... More 

How They Prayed Vol. 1 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



This book is a plea for a return of prayer and worship in the home, citing many examples of how praying family members have prevailed with God for their loved ones. Read of parents who prayed for their children, children who prayed for their parents, wives and husbands who prayed for their... More 

How They Prayed Vol. 2 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



The first three chapters of this book contain testimonies from various Christians on the benefits of early morning rising for prayer and Bible study. The remaining chapters reveal the emphasis given to prayer in the lives of ministers and preachers from differing denominational backgrounds and... More 

How They Prayed Vol. 3 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Read the touching story of Lily Roberts, a missionary in the Congo, who prayed, "Lord, my life for revival," and how God took her at her word. Discover how largely prayer figured in the revival of 1857 and others. Gain an insight into the prayer-lives of various missionaries. All in this book! More 

Kneeling We Triumph Vol. 1 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



A compilation of sixty two-page readings on prayer. Titles include: "Authority to Take," "Prayers that Outlive an Age," "For the Asking." This book was close to the top of the late Leonard Ravenhill's list of recommended books! Great book to use in personal devotions or to kick off a prayer... More 

Kneeling We Triumph Vol. 2 by Edwin and Lillian Harvey



Companion to Volume 1. A few titles are: "Prayer Power," "Answers That Cost," "Waiting a Proof of Our Faith," "When Prayer is a Cry." These two books have been widely used to stir many Christians to the tremendous power and privilege associated with prayer. This second volume contains a... More 

Lord, Teach Us to Pray by Alexander Whyte


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Lord, Teach Us to Pray is probably the finest single book of sermons on prayer by any Evangelical preacher. --Warren Wiersbe Dr. Alexander Whyte (1836-1921) was widely acknowledged to be the greatest Scottish preacher of his day. He was a mighty pulpit orator who thundered against sin,... More 

Prayer and Evangelism by Jessie Penn-Lewis


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God wants intercessors. The greatest blessing God could give His church today would be a few souls who pray as Elijah prayed; a few intercessors who know His will, and seek and pray for nothing else. May God raise them up. More 

Prayer Focused and Fighting by G. H. Lang



If you've ever been troubled by wandering thoughts and lack of concentration in prayer (who hasn't?), this shirt pocket sized booklet is here to help. The author answers the questions: what does it mean that God will focus our prayer? And, what is the meaning of praying through? And, what is the connection between these two ideas?

Praying Is Working by G. H. Lang



The author sets out to show that praying is, in itself, working, not just a spiritual add-on to other efforts. Indeed, prayer is shown to be the highest work the Christian can engage in. More