Abraham by F. B. Meyer


$10.99   $6.99

This study in the life of Abraham continues F. B. Meyer's series of outstanding Bible biographies. It brings home to us the way in which faith should grow in us. "It grew in Abraham," Meyer concludes, "and it will grow in us." About the Author F. B. Meyer, who was one of England's... More 

Christ Crucified by Adolph Saphir



Lectures on 1 Corinthians 2 Here is a slim volume fat with Biblical marrow, powerfully practical, loaded with sound teaching, yielding more nourishment than a shelf-full of modern devotional literature. This is "experimental Christianity" at its nineteenth century best. It exudes the spirit... More 

David: Shepherd, Psalmist, King by F. B. Meyer


$10.99   $7.99

The character and life of David are supremely fascinating, not only to holy souls whose deepest thoughts have been expressed in his unrivaled psalms, but to all men: because of their humanness; their variety; their sharply constrasted experiences; their exhibition of traits of generosity and... More 

Elijah and the Secret of His Power by F. B. Meyer


$9.99   $7.99

The author of this outstanding biography of Elijah insists that the life of this mighty man was produced through the indwelling of that Holy Spirit who is equally within reach of those who will believe and obey. There is nothing the Church of today needs so much as spiritual power; and there is... More 

Elijah the Tishbite by F. W. Krummacher


$16.00   $12.95

F. W. Krummacher (1796-1868) was a leading figure in the evangelical awakening of the early nineteenth century. His most powerful work, Elijah the Tishbite, is a collection of sermons addressed to Christians living in a post-Enlightenment society whose leaders, policies, and institutions had... More 

Elisha A Prophet for Our Times by F. W. Krummacher


$16.00   $12.95

The great German preacher and writer, F. W. Krummacher, had profound insight into the Scriptures and the human heart. God does not change. The human condition does not change. Krummacher fully grasped both of these enduring truths. His sermons, which form the book, Elisha: A Prophet for Our... More 

God's First Words by G. D. Watson


$9.95   $8.95

Subtitled "Studies in Genesis, Historic, Prophetic and Experimental," this overview of the first book of the Bible shows that the first words contained in Genesis are enlarged and unfolded in a great many different directions and applications throughout the rest of the Bible, but the words... More 

Hebrews by G. H. Lang


$19.95   $18.95

The author says, "This book has been written with the hope that it may help the general reader to grasp the arguments of the Epistle and to feel their force. " Overall this is an excellent commentary for the average person. Those seeking more scholarly works will turn to Alford, Delitzsch,... More 

Israel: A Prince with God by F. B. Meyer


$8.99   $7.99

F. B. Meyer's re-telling of the life of Jacob is an exciting and rewarding read. You will gain many helpful insights and spiritual lessons as you read and digest these pages written by a master of the spiritual life. Meyer doesn't gloss over the faults and failings of this Old Testament... More 

Jeremiah: Priest and Prophet by F. B. Meyer


$10.99   $7.99

Jeremiah has always a fascination to Christian hearts because of the close similarity that exists between his life and that of Jesus Christ. Each of them was "a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief"; each came to his own , and his own received him not; each passed through hours of... More 

John the Baptist by F. B. Meyer


$10.99   $7.99

The life and character of John the Baptist are full of great fascination. The author says he knows of nothing that makes so pleasant a respite from the pressure of life's fret and strain as bathing mind and spirit in the translucent waters of Scripture biography. As the clasp between the Old... More 

Joseph: Beloved, Hated, Exalted by F. B. Meyer


$9.99   $7.99

F. B. Meyer has written a series of outstanding Bible biographies, and the very first one he prepared was this one on the life of Joseph. Joseph's life has a special charm, not only because of its intrinsic beauty, but because of its vivid anticipations of the Life that lights all lives.... More